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The Skaff Group is your trusted purchasing advisor.

Real estate sales representatives are generally thought of as people who help you sell your house.
Often overlooked is the flip side of that coin – the role of the Realtor® in the purchasing process.
But your sales representative should be much more than just a person who can get the keys to view potential properties. The Skaff Group is a key advisor; a trusted, knowledgeable and indispensable person that helps you make an informed buying decision.

As a client of The Skaff Group you can be assured of the best possible purchasing experience.


We don’t just follow the market, we actively research it.

Our first priority when working with buyers is to educate them. We want to ensure that your purchasing decision is made from a fully informed position. Our clients are afforded the opportunity to learn about present and future value, and where we see certain neighbourhoods heading over the foreseeable future.

Knowing how much a home is actually worth today and what it could be worth tomorrow is absolutely key to making the right decisions. Your home is likely the largest single investment you are ever going to make. At Skaff Group and Avenue North Realty we accept, enjoy, and embrace our responsibility to provide you with the fullest and soundest knowledge base for your purchasing decisions.

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Our sales representatives are continuously nurturing relationships with builders, developers, past clients, and the broader brokerage community. Not only do we know what properties are available today, we know what will be available in the near future. Our buying clients are the benefactors of tireless research and the encouraged sharing of information within our office.

Our Connected Realtors®:

  • Follow the internal MLS® system daily
  • Share upcoming listings in our office and conduct open discussions through our
  • Avenue North Realty internal portal
  • Research advanced market data and indicators through our internal data collection and presentation tools
  • Educate themselves continually to be able to provide the highest degree of knowledge
  • Connect regularly in person and online with industry professionals to expand their knowledge base
  • Learn from decades of combined industry experience right here in Ottawa
  • Have strong relationships with great lawyers, mortgage brokers, movers, inspectors and contractors. Consider them your one-stop shop for anything real estate related.
  • Buy virtually and safely. They can assist you with virtual viewings so you can purchase safely, from the comfort of your home, wherever you are situated in the world.


    Recently asked.

    Do I have to sign a contract with your company just to show me a listing? Seems companies are doing this now, thx

    Not at all – as long as you are not signed to an active contract with any other Brokerage. If you are, you should always be contacting that Brokerage to show you properties.

    While it is a requirement in Ontario to have a documented relationship with a Brokerage prior to the submission of any offer, we are always happy to build on a relationship first before entering into a client relationship. That includes taking the time to properly show you a listing.

    Change the answer to the question regarding how much it costs to have a realtor represent me as a buyer to: “All of the benefits of working with an educated, insured and ethical Realtor® are yours at no charge to you.

    Choose the right Realtor® and the right company for you and it could be the best free service you will ever experience

    How much does it cost to have realtor represent me as a buyer?

    You are going to like this answer – zero! Realtors® and their Brokerages are typically compensated on the selling side of the equation.

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