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We get so many referrals and repeat business.

Eli Skaff and The Skaff Group pride themselves with the philosophy that if you exceed your clients expectations and focus on the client experience, you will get neverending returns on that investment. We’re not working for a simple paycheque, we’re working for a long term client-agent experience. Try our services once, and we’ll show you how we stand out and bring home the results you’re looking for, and more.

We are tuned in to the Ottawa market like no other. Being aware of what’s going on in your neighbourhood, recent home sales and the strategies that got the other homes their results, and learning how to better optimize those results are just part of the initial analysis.

Being able to interpret the data in the most effective way is not a talent or skill held with most Realtors, yet it is a crucial part of the selling process that should not be ignored. We will sit down with you and explain how we interpreted the data that will not only give us an idea of how much your home will sell for, but will allow us to predict the best possible time to list and accept offers, down to the hour.


It’s not a common skill.


If we’re fishing for buyers, consider our net the largest one available to capture the most buyers.

The Internet and social media have created an opportunity and promotional environment that has never existed previously. A whole new world of any time and anywhere consumer behaviour far removed from the days of ‘carrier pigeon’ print promotion.

Implemented properly, our marketing approach systematically seeks and finds potential buyers, tracks and analyzes each of our individual marketing efforts. This allows us to focus the best type of marketing to achieve the results you’ve hired us to get you.

A lot of work goes into preparing your home for optimal success and setting new sale price records. Nothing is more important than staging. Our FREE staging allows buyers to walk into your home and fall in love with it. When someone falls in love with something, they tend to pay more for it. Make sense? We’ve proven it time and time again. Oh and did we mention, it’s included in our services, free of charge.


We provide the right staging and decor for buyers to fall in love with your home.


A strong negotiator on your side, is your best friend.

With over 1,000 home sales experience on our side, any many neighbourhood pricing records set, we can say we’re pretty good on the negotiations side of things. You can rest assured, that when other home sellers not being represented by us are leaving thousands of dollars on the table, we’ll be aiming to set a new record price for your home. Let us show you what we can do.

We know we mentioned referrals above but we wanted to elaborate even more about this topic. Every home we market and sell is an opportunity for us to deliver you exceptional results and ensure you’re super satisfied with our services rendered. In turn, you’ll most likely refer us to your friends and family in the future.

That is what a business that focuses on long term as opposed to short term gains benefits from such a philosophy. The majority of our business is repeat and referral based from previous satisfied customers and we hope one day, we can be referred by you to your friends and family.


That’s what it’s all about.

Get Started.